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  Laiwu Steel Group Zibo Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is specialized in the production of marine anchor chains and marine mooring chains. In addition to its headquarters in Zibo, Shandong, it also has a branch office in Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone.
  The parent company, Laiwu Steel Group, is a super-large steel joint enterprise with an annual output of 15 million tons of steel. It also holds a number of economic entities and listed companies such as securities, banks and design institutes. Zibo Anchor Chain is the only manufacturer in the world that can provide one-stop service for raw material production to anchor chain and mooring chain manufacturing. Product quality control begins at the source.

Laiwu Steel Group Zibo Anchor Chain Co., Ltd.

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The products have been approved by 12 international classification societies such as LR, ABS, DNV, CCS, BV, GL, NK, KR, RINA, RMRS, BKI, ZY. Obtained the ISO9001-2000 quality management system of the US API and China CSQA, the OSHMS18001 occupational safety and health management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system. “Dazhu” brand anchor chain products were rated as famous brand products in Shandong Province, and the company was listed as a high-tech enterprise.



13 2020-08

Skills competition shows the demeanor of the employees, and the contribution of the post stimulates entrepreneurial enthusiasm

Through this competition, the professional technical level and practical operation skills of the majority of employees have been further improved, and a solid foundation has been laid for the construction of a "strong cohesion, strong execution, strong combat effectiveness, and high comprehensive quality" workforce.
07 2020-07

How to untie the anchor chain

Everyone who runs a boat knows that an anchor is a kind of anchoring device made of steel. It is connected to the boat with an iron chain and thrown to the bottom of the water. Without an anchor, the boat cannot stop steady. This shows how powerful the anchor is. For the anchor chain that connects the ship and the anchor, it is even more important. Without the anchor chain, the anchor cannot be connected to the ship, and the role of the anchor loses its meaning. Sometimes, the anchor chains between ships are entangled with each other for various reasons. How to separate them has become a topic of greatest concern to crew friends. Speaking of the problem of chain entanglement, it is often encountered in ships. Some time ago, in the Maanshan port area, Magang Tuo 1001 was preparing to tow the A 41055 and 21288 docks to load the Shanghai mine at the anchorage. During the process of lifting the anchor, it was found that the two barge chains were tightly entangled. Despite repeated efforts, it could not be unlocked. Pier No. 1 is waiting for loading. If it does not unlock the next day, the terminal plans to change the type of unloading cargo. The two barges do not know how many days it will take to unload. Analysis of the reasons for the entanglement of the two ships was mainly due to the strong wind and tide the day before yesterday. After the ship turned around, the anchor chains of the two barges were strangulated and entangled tightly. The experts first called two barge personnel to conduct an on-site meeting to analyze the reasons. After understanding the specific situation and process of the chain winding, they went to the bow to observe carefully and determined that the A 41055 barge chain was tightly wound on the A 21288 barge chain. Based on his many years of experience in dealing with anchor chains, the expert immediately asked the crew to drop another anchor, first stabilize the ship's position, and then two barges to loosen the twisted chain at the same time, then wink at the same time, then loosen and then wink. After going back and forth several times, the two barge chains unexpectedly detached by themselves! After that, the port was notified immediately that the two barge chains had been released successfully and they could go to the dock for unloading. A quarter of an hour later, the port was towed by a boat, and the two barges were on the dock one after another. In the process of double anchoring of large ships, twists caused by wind, water, etc. will occur. If single or double flowers occur, we must clear them immediately. If there is no clearing, then large ships cannot Set sail. Cleaning the anchor chain is an extremely difficult task and requires some technical content. The main way is to use the tugboat to untie them one by one, and then we will talk briefly. 1) Make several ropes and shackles such as hanging cables, and make a lifting seat. If you can put down a lifeboat to help. 2) Tighten the "strength chain" to let the cable float on the water. When necessary, tie a knot under the cable with a white cable to prevent the cable from falling. 3) Release the hanging cable and the safety cable from the side of the "idler chain", and connect the shackle to it. One end of the hanging cable and safety cable is tied tightly around the bollard at the bow of the ship. 4) Use a special machine to clamp the idler chain, and then use a windlass to release the idler chain on the deck, and wait until the other connecting link is placed on the deck. 5) Open the connecting chain link, how quickly the chain at its rear end untie the anchor chain and twist the ring to connect the outgoing cable, and fix the other end of the outgoing cable on the bollard. 6) Connect one end of the lead wire to the chain link at the back of the idler chain that has been removed, and release the other end from the idler chain drum, wind it in the other direction around the idler chain, and then pull it back from the idler chain drum and wrap it around On the reel. 7) Open the chain stopper, retract the lead wire, loosen the cable, let the idler chain wrap around the force chain and unspatter, and still pass the idler chain tube from the lead wire to the deck. 8) If it is a single flower, you can install the chain link of the anchor chain, let go of the leading and outgoing cables, and tighten the idler chain.
08 2020-07

Tips for maintaining anchor chains

Anchor chains are used more and more frequently in marine ships. You should learn to properly maintain the anchor chain to increase the service life of the anchor chain. Only diligent maintenance can ensure the normal operation of cranes, ships and other machinery, so as to achieve safe operations. So, how to maintain the anchor chain daily? First of all, when using the anchor chain, you should always check to make sure that the sprocket is installed on the shaft without skew or swing. If there are related improprieties, they must be corrected in time. Check the tightness of the anchor chain at the right time and make correct adjustments in time. The tightness of the anchor chain should be appropriate. If it is too tight, it will increase power consumption and the bearings will wear out; if it is too loose, the chain will easily jump and fall off. If the anchor chain is too long or elongated after use, it is difficult to adjust, remove the chain link according to the situation, but it must be an even number. The chain link should pass through the back of the chain, the lock piece should be inserted outside, and the opening of the lock piece should face the opposite direction of rotation. Secondly, it is necessary to check the degree of wear of the anchor chain frequently. To what extent can the anchor chain be worn out? More than 1/3 of the chain links of the same anchor chain have obvious elongation, and the deformation and wear amount to 10% of the original diameter cannot be used. After the anchor chain is severely worn, a new sprocket and a new chain should be replaced to ensure good meshing. It is not just a replacement of a new chain or a new sprocket. At the same time, the end of the anchor chain and the commonly used end should be used for a year or two, and the front and rear positions of each chain link should be changed in a planned way, and the mark should be re-marked. In addition, special attention should be paid to that the old chain of the anchor chain cannot be mixed with part of the new chain, otherwise it is easy to produce an impact during the transmission process and break the chain. Finally, pay attention to the maintenance of the anchor chain during use. When the anchor is dropped, the anchor must not be stopped. When the anchor is lifted, the anchor chain must be washed to remove the debris and other debris; usually the anchor must be used. Keep the chain dry. Do not flush water into the chain locker when washing the deck; check it every six months. Arrange all the chain cables on the deck for rust removal, painting and inspection. The signs should be kept clearly visible; the chain is in use Lubricating oil must be added in time during work, and the lubricating oil must enter the matching gap between the roller and the inner sleeve in order to improve the working conditions and reduce wear.
26 2018-03

my country's shipping fleet ranks third in the world

According to Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, July 11th, July 11th is my country's 12th nautical day. The reporter learned from the China Maritime Day Forum that as of the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", my country has a maritime fleet with a capacity of 160 million dwt, ranking third in the world; there are 2207 berths above 10,000 tons and a throughput capacity of 7.9 billion. Ton. He Jianzhong, Deputy Minister of Transport, stated at the China Maritime Day Forum held in Ningbo on the 11th that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of shipping soft power, from a shipping center with "throughput" to a shipping center with "rules." He Jianzhong introduced that my country will amend the "Regulations on International Shipping," step up efforts to combat vicious competition, build a market credit system, and improve the government's "one window" administrative approval and information service platform. According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, my country has managed and maintained 14095 coastal navigation aids, realizing full coverage of water safety communication systems and ship dynamic monitoring key water areas, ensuring the safe, healthy and orderly development of the shipping industry. In 2015, my country’s ports completed a cargo throughput of 12.75 billion tons and a container throughput of 212 million TEUs, ranking first in the world for many years. There are 32 large ports with a cargo throughput of 100 million tons. Among the top ten ports in the world in terms of cargo throughput and container throughput, mainland China’s ports account for 7 and 6 seats respectively. Ningbo Zhoushan Port and Shanghai Port rank the world’s No. One.


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